Tesla Owner in Romania Builds Homemade Powerwall [VIDEO]

A homemade Tesla Powerwall for a customer in Romania, where Powerwalls aren’t available. Photo: Reddit user u/claudiusasu

As Tesla continues to grow within the global electric vehicle (EV) market, certain regions will inevitably miss out on certain products. However, inventive Tesla owners will also go an incredibly long way to build their own working hardware, as is the case with one customer from Romania.

Reddit user u/claudiusasu, a Tesla owner from Romania, shared pictures of their own homemade Tesla Powerwall, built custom from Model S modules and with a charging capacity of up to 40 kWh. Because Tesla’s Powerwall is not yet available in Romania, the user decided to craft their own working Powerwall – an impressive build in both resourcefulness and aesthetics.

YouTube video

According to the owner, the entire build cost about $10,000 (USD) – a reasonable price to pay to do the project yourself, especially considering that buying the setup from Tesla can cost as much as $11,500 (USD) in some regions.

Romania currently only has one available 150 kWh Chargepoint throughout the entire country, along with about a dozen 50 kWh Chargepoints. While Romania’s charging infrastructure still has a lot of growth to do before EVs become the norm, you may not need one if you can fashion your own Powerwall at home.