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Tesla Model Y is the New King of Worldwide Car Sales

In a groundbreaking shift within the automotive industry, Tesla’s Model Y has risen to the top of global sales rankings, marking the first time an all-electric vehicle has achieved such a distinction. According to combined data from JATO and other key global markets, this mid-size SUV from Tesla was the top-selling vehicle during the first […]

Tesla Model Y Hardware 4 vs 3 Compared [PICS]

The big news of the day was Tesla bringing its latest hardware 4 to its Model Y, expanding the new Autopilot hardware beyond just Model S and Model X vehicles. Thanks to some Tesla community members, we now have some up-close images comparing hardware 4 to hardware 3. The first images were spotted by Zack […]

First Tesla Model Y with HW4 Coming from Giga Texas, Hints Code

Update: here are fresh photos comparing hardware 4 versus hardware 3 on Model Y. Tesla appears to be expanding hardware 4 to Model Y, it seems. That’s according to Tesla’s site code spotted by TeslaInfo and shared with Tesla North. A 2023 Model Y AWD made at Gigafactory Texas is currently in transit to California […]

Tesla to Launch Model Y RWD in Korea from Giga Shanghai

Summary: Tesla is reportedly preparing to launch Made-in-China Model Y RWD vehicles in South Korea. The automaker currently only sells Long Range and Performance trims of the Model Y in the country. Earlier this week, listings on Tesla’s website confirmed that Gigafactory Shanghai will also export Model Y RWD units to Canada. Tesla is gearing […]

Tesla Website Confirms Made-in-China Models for Canada: Report

Tesla is set to begin sales of its China-manufactured Model 3 and Model Y vehicles in Canada, according to listings on the company’s website. This move confirms the completion of Tesla’s initial shipments to North America from its Shanghai factory, reports Reuters. Tesla’s website revealed that both the rear-wheel drive Model Y and the long-range, […]

Tesla Model Y, Model 3 Dominate California Car Sales in Q1

California’s new vehicle market is on the rise, with vehicle registrations expected to approach 1.8 million units this year, a 6.9% increase from 2022, according to an update from the California New Car Dealers Association on Monday. The surge in sales comes after three years of below-average sales, resulting in pent-up demand that’s predicted to […]

Tesla Model Y Price Cuts Triggered Sales Surge, Shows Data

In a strategic move to bolster sales, Tesla slashed the prices of its vehicles in Q1, an initiative that has yielded significant results, particularly for the Model Y crossover, according to the latest U.S. new-vehicle registration data from Experian. The price reduction led to a dramatic 79% surge in Model Y registrations, while the Model […]

Increased Tesla Model Y Wait Times Signal Bullish Market, Says Analyst

Alexander Potter from Wall Street firm Piper Sandler, has noted a positive trend in the increased wait times for Tesla’s Model Y vehicles. This shift could indicate a bullish market outlook for the electronic vehicle (EV) maker, with a potential 65% rally on the horizon. The Model Y, which accounts for approximately 15% of Tesla’s […]

Unplugged Performance to Modify Tesla Model Y Fleet for South Pasadena Police

Yesterday we told you about how the South Pasadena Police Department in California would become the first all-electric law enforcement fleet in the U.S., leveraging Tesla’s Model Y. Now on Tuesday, Unplugged Performance, Enterprise and South Pasadena Police, are set to become the world’s first police department to operate an entirely electric vehicle (EV) fleet, […]

South Pasadena First to Adopt Entire Tesla Model Y Police Fleet

The South Pasadena Police Department is set to become the first law enforcement agency in the United States to convert its entire fleet of vehicles to electric, announced the city on Monday. The change is made possible through nearly $500,000 in clean transportation funding provided by the Mobile Source Air Pollution Reduction Review Committee (MSRC), […]

Tesla Model Y Midnight Cherry Red Deliveries Start This Weekend

Tesla is set to deliver its first Model Y compact crossovers in its newest color, Midnight Cherry Red, beginning in Europe on Saturday. According to Tesla Europe on early Friday, it said, “A wild Midnight Cherry appears…at a Tesla location near you, starting tomorrow.” The account added, “coming to the Middle East later this year.” […]

Tesla Clarifies Canadian Model Y RWD Weight Confusion

Last month Tesla re-introduced a rear-wheel drive (RWD) Model Y for the Canadian market, priced at $59,990 CAD, thus allowing the compact crossover to qualify for federal and provincial rebates. With a report claiming this Model Y RWD will come from Giga Shanghai, thus using LFP batteries like the Model 3 RWD, many saw the […]

Most Efficient Electric SUV Ever Built: Tesla’s Model Y

Tesla on Sunday touted that its Model Y compact crossover SUV is the “most efficient electric SUV ever built”, compared to competitors. The charge shared showed off energy efficiency in EPA range for small AWD SUVs, when it came to miles driven per kWh. The Model Y can go 4.0 miles per kWH, which is […]