Tesla Ride-Hailing App Teased, Shows Model Y as Robotaxi

tesla ride hailing app

Tesla’s Q1 2024 shareholder slide deck today teased for the first time, ride-hailing integration within the company’s mobile app. This comes ahead of Tesla’s August 8 Robotaxi unveiling.

We see screenshots of the Tesla iOS app, where you can “Summon” a Robotaxi. You just need to “hold to order” on top of a circle. Next, once your Robotaxi is set up, you see how long it will take to get to your destination with a time estimate. We see from the second screenshot a Model Y is “3 minutes away”. Info in the app shows the car’s climate temperature, plus its capacity for passengers, and the Robotaxi’s final destination after it picks you up:

ride hailing app 1

Robotaxi customers will also have various controls over the vehicle, such as climate and music. Below, we see interior climate is at 68F (this could have been 69F, Lol):

ride hailing climate

As your Robotaxi nears, you will see “arriving now” in the app, detailing the vehicle such as the Model Y. We also see the Robotaxi will know you want to head to Stanford Shopping Center, based on your phone’s calendar.

We see the time of your arrival, the length of time it will take to get there and the total distance. Customers will be able to control music volume and music choice, plus also seat heating/cooling, depending on vehicle:

ride hailing app 3

This looks incredible exciting and news of Tesla’s next vision has sent share of the company’s stock up in after-hours trading, as high as 9%.