Tesla Launches 2-Seater Model Y in France for Business

model y 2 seater france

Tesla France has announced the launch of a new Model Y variant, a two-seater specifically designed for business purposes. This latest model boasts a substantial capacity of 2158 liters, aiming to cater to the unique needs of businesses.

Tesla highlighted that the new two-seater Model Y is also eligible for tax discounts in France, demonstrating the company’s commitment to offering versatile and economically beneficial solutions for businesses.

The innovative two-seater Model Y will be showcased across various cities in France, allowing the public and potential business clients to view the model firsthand. This 2-seater classifies the Model Y as a light utility vehicle. It’s essentially a van for storage now with just 2 seats. The Model Y when the seats are folded down offer a lot of room for cargo.

The exhibition will commence in Strasbourg from March 4 to March 18, followed by a display in Lille from March 18 to April 1, according to Tesla owner Esther Kokkelmans.

Subsequently, the vehicle will be presented in Paris from April 1 to April 22, then in Rennes and Nantes from April 22 to May 6, Bordeaux from May 6 to May 20, Toulouse from May 20 to June 3, Aix en Provence from June 3 to June 17, and finally in Lyon from June 17 to July 30.

It’s a clever way to sell the Model Y as a 2-seater for businesses and allow them to get a tax discount in the country.