Tesla Sues Australian Firm Cap-XX Over Patent Infringement

Tesla has sued Cap-XX, an Australian firm, in a Texas federal court. The lawsuit alleges that Cap-XX’s supercapacitors, which are used for energy storage in electric-vehicle batteries, infringe on two U.S. patents owned by Tesla’s subsidiary, Maxwell Technologies, reports Reuters. Although Elon Musk, Tesla’s CEO, committed in 2014 not to initiate patent lawsuits against those […]

Tesla Class-Action Lawsuit Alleges Software Updates Caused Battery Drain

Tesla is facing a nationwide class-action lawsuit filed by Model S and Model X owners and lessors, accusing the electric car manufacturer of automatic software updates that allegedly reduce the vehicle’s driving range by up to 20% and, in some cases, cause total battery failure. The software updates, allegedly imposed without consent whenever the vehicle […]

Ex-Tesla Employee Awarded $3.2 Million in Racial Harassment Lawsuit

A federal jury in San Francisco has ordered Tesla Inc to pay $3.2 million to a former Black employee, Owen Diaz, for its failure to prevent severe racial harassment at its flagship assembly plant in California, reports Reuters. Diaz accused Tesla of failing to act when he repeatedly complained to managers about employees frequently using […]

Elon Musk Files to Move Trial Over 2018 ‘Funding Secured’ Tweet to Texas

Elon Musk on Friday filed a motion to move his upcoming securities-fraud trial over his 2018 tweets about having “funding secured” to take Tesla private from San Francisco to Texas, where the company is now headquartered — reports The Wall Street Journal. The Tesla CEO alleged that potential jury members in California have been biased […]

Tesla Will Ask Pennsylvania Judge to Transfer Solar Lawsuit to California

Following multiple reports of lawsuits over solar roof hikes in both Pennsylvania and California, the latter of which may become a single class-action lawsuit, Tesla is reportedly hoping to have the former transferred to its home state. According to Business Insider, Tesla’s lawyers are looking to ask a Pennsylvania court if a Solar Roof price […]

Tesla Sued by Ex-Employee, Claims Firing Over Reporting Copper Heist

Lynn Thompson, a former Tesla employee, has filed a lawsuit against his ex-employer claiming he was fired for reporting the theft of a large amount of copper from the electric vehicle (EV) maker’s battery plant near Reno, Nevada — reports Yahoo! Finance. According to the lawsuit, millions of dollars in copper wire has been stolen from […]

Tesla Faces Lawsuit from Homeowners Over $30,000 Solar Price Increase

Pennsylvania homeowners Philip Dahlin and Mary Arndtsen will file a breach of contract lawsuit against Tesla, for overcharging on a Solar Roof installation contract at their New Hope, Pennsylvania home, according to Business Insider. In the original contract, Tesla said their price was $46,084.80, but when contacted by the company more than half a year […]

Tesla Approved to Continue Lawsuit Against Rivian Over Trade Secrets

Last year, Tesla claimed that Rivian had stolen trade secrets from Tesla, and the company has now been approved to move forward with a lawsuit against the electric pickup truck company. On Monday, Superior Court Judge William Monahan denied a request from Rivian to throw out the claim of misappropriation of trade secrets, as reported […]

Tesla Files Lawsuit Against Ex-Employee For Theft of Trade Secrets

On Friday, January 22, Tesla filed a lawsuit against Alex Khatilov, an ex-employee who worked for the automaker as a software engineer, alleging theft of trade secrets, which also amounts to an instance of breach of contract — reports CNBC. The official filing alleges that the former employee stole files pertaining to, and part of […]

Tesla Claims Ex-Employee’s Lawsuit Funded by Short Seller

When it comes to business, protecting your secrets is imperative, and some companies will go to great lengths to stop industry secrets from getting out. According to Yahoo Finance, Tesla claimed in a filing on Monday that hedge fund Car Cable Capital LLC is funding the counterclaim of former Tesla employee Martin Tripp in an […]