Tesla Will Ask Pennsylvania Judge to Transfer Solar Lawsuit to California

Tesla Solar Roof, courtesy of Tesla

Following multiple reports of lawsuits over solar roof hikes in both Pennsylvania and California, the latter of which may become a single class-action lawsuit, Tesla is reportedly hoping to have the former transferred to its home state.

According to Business Insider, Tesla’s lawyers are looking to ask a Pennsylvania court if a Solar Roof price hike lawsuit can be moved and joined with the California class-action lawsuit. The company’s lawyers said on Wednesday that the company will seek arbitration if the suit is not joined with the California-based class-action lawsuit, because of a clause in the original contract.

Tesla’s lawyers met with the opposing lawyers on Wednesday, and both parties agreed that Tesla’s law team would ask a judge next week whether the case could be transferred, according to a joint court filing.

On Wednesday, the California-based company’s lawyers said, “any discussion of a potential class settlement would be premature and complicated by the highly individualized circumstances at issue” for each case.

The Pennsylvania lawsuit was filed in late April by Philip Dahlin and Mary Arndtsen, after Tesla increased the price of their Solar Roof project by more than $30,000, after signing a contract and beginning construction.

Similarly, two California complaints were filed in May, and have since sought class-action status in the U.S. District Court in California. Others across the country also reported their Tesla Solar prices increasing as much as 70%.