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Tesla Leads the Pack in EV Charging Reliability, Says Report

Tesla’s electric vehicle (EV) charging network significantly outperforms its rivals in reliability, a recent E-Vision Intelligence Report by J.D. Power has revealed. The report highlighted that nearly 21.6 percent of EV drivers could not charge their vehicles at non-Tesla public charging ports in the first quarter of 2023. In stark contrast, only 3.9 percent of […]
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Tesla Superchargers Rank First in Public Charging Satisfaction Study

Key findings from a study indicate that increasing EV popularity exacerbates inadequacies with the public charging infrastructure, as shown in JD Power‘s U.S. Electric Vehicle Experience (EVX) Public Charging Study released on Wednesday. With more EVs on the road and more charging stations than ever, the study showed that customer satisfaction with public Level 2 […]

Tesla Model 3 Ranks 1st in Premium EV Satisfaction Survey: J.D. Power

After ranking high in both a satisfaction survey and a charging survey from J.D. Power last year, Tesla’s electric vehicles (EVs) are following up with high satisfaction ratings from their customers, according to results from a new survey. The Tesla Model 3 topped J.D. Power’s EV satisfaction survey for the second year in a row, […]

Tesla Ranks No. 1 in EV Public Charging Survey, Says J.D. Power

A JD Power study on electric vehicle (EV) charging was released today, and shared that Tesla, Volta and ChargePoint’s EV charging stations were the most preferred by EV owners for charging away from home, according to CNBC. The study surveyed 6,647 EV and plugin owners between January and June, also finding that public charging availability […]

Tesla Ranks 2nd in Vehicle Tech in China, Says JD Power

JD Power conducted a study on vehicle technology and ranked Tesla’s vehicles second in technology, just behind Xpeng Motors (via Teslarati). The study, entitled the 2021 China Tech Experience Index Study, sought to evaluate the overall flexibility of automakers with newer technology. The JD Power study offered a point system compiled from driver/owner responses, ultimately […]

Tesla Ranks 30th Out of 33 in Car Dependability Study

When it comes to electric vehicles (EVs), Tesla currently ranks at the top according to their owners in a previous JD Power study. But in the firm’s most recent auto inspection, it found the company’s cars may not be as dependable as they are well-liked. Thursday, CNBC reported that a new JD Power study ranked […]

Tesla Model S and Model 3 Top JD Power EV Ownership Study

According to a new survey from JD Power, 82% of surveyed EV owners responded saying they “definitely will” consider buying another EV down the line. The inaugural survey, called the JD Power US Electric Vehicle Experience (EVX) Ownership Study, was released Thursday and seeks to find levels of satisfaction amongst those who own an EV. […]