Tesla Ranks No. 1 in EV Public Charging Survey, Says J.D. Power

A JD Power study on electric vehicle (EV) charging was released today, and shared that Tesla, Volta and ChargePoint’s EV charging stations were the most preferred by EV owners for charging away from home, according to CNBC.

The study surveyed 6,647 EV and plugin owners between January and June, also finding that public charging availability in the U.S. remains one of the least satisfying parts of having an EV.

The survey asked consumers questions about ease of use, the overall cost of charging, charging speed, user-friendly payment, how easy stations are to find, convenience and cleanliness of each station, how safe users feel, and if chargers were available at a given station.

Despite being most happy with the Tesla Supercharger network, which is set to open up to other automakers than Tesla later this year, EV owners were generally frustrated by a lack of available options, and are often unable to charge due to service chargers and long lines, according to the survey.

Tesla’s Supercharger network and Level 2 Destination chargers (found at hotels, restaurants, etc) ranked the highest for overall satisfaction, among EV owners.

JD Power’s Brent Gruber said, “Owners are reasonably happy in situations where public charging is free, doesn’t require a wait and the location offers other things to do — but that represents a best-case scenario.” Gruber continued, “The industry needs to make significant investment in public charging to assure a level of convenience and satisfaction that will lure potentially skeptical consumers to EVs.”