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Watch Tesla FSD Beta v11.3.3 Complete a Ride Sharing Fare [VIDEO]

Tesla recently expanded its rollout of Full Self-Driving (FSD) beta version 11.3.3, and with it came many improvements yet again. When will we see robotaxis on the road? Tesla’s FSD beta may be accelerating that soon. How would FSD beta 11.3.3 handle an actual ride-sharing fare? Whole Mars Catalog put this to the test and […]

Tesla 2022.45.11 Update Brings FSD Beta 11.3.2 to More Testers

Tesla has released software update 2022.45.11 and it includes Full Self-Driving (FSD) beta version 11.3.2. According to @Teslascope, owners on existing software updates 2022.44.30.10 (FSD beta and 2022.45.10 (FSD beta 11.3.1) are receiving this 2022.45.11 update. FSD beta testers including @brandonee916 are downloading and installing FSD beta v11.3.2 as we speak. Earlier this week, […]

Watch Tesla FSD Beta Conquer Willow Springs Racetrack [VIDEO]

Tesla’s Full Self-Driving (FSD) beta has been the subject of many headlines in the past few years, but will it eventually bring about an era of autonomous car racing? Motortrend took the Streets of Willow Springs racetrack in Southern California to find out, letting a Tesla Model 3 run with the FSD beta system activated. […]

Tesla Cars with FSD Beta: 1 Collision Per 3.2 Million Miles Driven

During Tesla’s 2023 Investor Day, the company shared some details about its next gen vehicle and manufacturing. But we also learned some stats about Full Self-Driving beta. According to Tesla, FSD beta offers “higher safety”. For the first time, we are learning about collision data with FSD beta. Tesla vehicles using FSD beta saw 1 […]

Tesla Releases FSD Beta v11.3 for Employees with 2022.45.5

Release notes have become available for Tesla’s Full Self-Driving (FSD) beta version 11.3 with software update 2022.45.5 Tesla Full Self-Driving Beta 11.3 has begun shipping to Tesla Employees pic.twitter.com/iU9SxTh0wl — Whole Mars Catalog (@WholeMarsBlog) February 20, 2023 This version of FSD beta was launched to more Tesla employees, after CEO Elon Musk said last week […]

Tesla to Release FSD Beta v11.3 Later This Week, Says Musk

As many await the limited beta release of Tesla’s next Full Self-Driving (FSD) version, the automaker’s CEO has provided an update following another round of delays. Tesla’s FSD beta version 11.3 (single stack) could debut as soon as this week, according to a statement on Sunday from @Elon Musk. Musk said the single-stack software would […]

Tesla FSD Critic Claims to Launch Super Bowl Ad [VIDEO]

Dan O’Dowd, CEO of Green Hills Software and the founder of The Dawn Project, today shared a Super Bowl ad demonstrating alleged “critical safety defects” in Tesla’s Full Self-Driving Beta and said that the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) “must turn off FSD until Tesla fixes all safety defects.” O’Dowd’s advertisement claims that FSD […]

Tesla FSD Beta 2-Week Strikeouts Now Mentioned in Software Code

With Tesla software update 2022.44.35.10 debuting last night, it released Full Self-Driving (FSD) beta for testers. The latest update brings two-week FSD beta strikeouts within internal code, and not just on release notes, shared by developer @greentheonly on Tuesday evening. The limit applies to those who receive three strikes on FSD beta, now only […]