2024.3.10 Release Notes: FSD (Supervised) 12.3.3

Tesla continues to push out software updates at a fast pace, specifically for its Full Self-Driving (FSD), which now includes a name change from “beta” to “supervised”.

According to Tesla’s 2024.3.10 release notes as reported by TeslaInfo, we have now reached FSD version 12.3.3, the fifth release in March alone. The timeline of FSD releases in the past 8 days has resulted in four versions. Check out the timeline below for 12.3.x releases:

  • March 12, 2024: v12.3 (2023.44.30.25)
  • March 24, 2024: v12.3.1 (2023.44.30.30)
  • March 26, 2024: v12.3.2 (2024.3.5)
  • March 28, 2024: v12.3.2.1 (2024.3.6)
  • March 30, 2024: v12.3.3 (2024.3.10)

As for “FSD (Supervised) v12.3.3”, the release notes again note, “FSD (Supervised) v12 upgrades the city-streets driving stack to a single end-to-end neural network trained on millions of video clips, replacing over 300k lines of explicit C++ code.”

Tesla’s 2024.3.10 release notes again mention the following:

Under your supervision, Full Self-Driving (Supervised) can drive your Tesla almost anywhere. It will make lane changes, select forks to follow your navigation route, navigate around other vehicles and objects, and make left and right turns. You and anyone you authorize must use additional caution and remain attentive. It does not make your vehicle autonomous. Do not become complacent.
Full Self-Driving (Supervised) is enabled on your vehicle. To use the feature, pull the drive stalk down once (for Model 3 and Model Y) or press the right scroll wheel button once (for Model S and Model X). You can disable Full Self-Driving (Supervised) in Autopilot Settings.

The company has expanding its free one-month FSD trials to Canada, beyond the U.S. FSD monthly subscriptions are also coming to Canada in April. For now, we’re hearing about FSD trials hitting vehicles with HW4, and not that many HW3 vehicles with ultrasonic sensors, yet.

The moment you’ve installed 2024.3.10 in your Tesla, you’ll receive an email that says your free one-month FSD trial begins. An example of the email can be seen below: