First Drives: Tesla FSD Beta 12.1.2 Arrives for Customers [VIDEO]

tesla fsd beta 12 1 2

Tesla has started rolling out its Full Self-Driving (FSD) beta version 12.1.2 to regular testers, the first time that major update has gone out to non-employees.

Earlier on Sunday @Teslascope said the roll out of 2023.44.30.12 included FSD beta v12.1.2 for regular customers. As the day progressed, Tesla owner and FSD tester @WholeMarsBlog received the v12.1.2 update and has already shared videos of this experience. FSD beta v12.1.2 is based solely on neural nets.

“My first two drives with FSD 12 were both zero intervention. No accelerator press. No speed change. No takeover. No awkward moments,” said @WholeMarsBlog.

Below is a video from his first drive down Chestnut Street in San Francisco, California:

YouTube video

Here’s another drive of FSD beta v12.1.2 in the rain at night:

YouTube video