Tesla Launches Model Y RWD in Europe; Price Undercuts Model 3 in France

European customers can now purchase a new, entry-level Model Y configuration along with the Long-Range and Performance variants. Tesla has made a rear-wheel-drive configuration of its Model Y available in Europe, as seen on the automaker’s website this week (via @ModelYOwnerDACH). The Model Y is rated for 445km (~276 miles) from the Worldwide Harmonised Light-Duty […]

SpaceX Awarded Starlink Approval in France

SpaceX has deployed its Starlink low-Earth orbit (LEO) satellite internet to several countries and users at this point, and the company isn’t showing any signs of stopping with a new country in Europe now gaining access to the service. The French administrative court, the Conseil d’Etat, has awarded a 10-year license to SpaceX to operate […]

Paris Taxi Driver Suing Tesla Following Fatal Accident Last Year

A taxi driver in Paris is taking legal action against Tesla, after an accident in his Model 3 resulted in a fatality back in December, according to Reuters. The taxi was off-duty and collided with metal posts, a handful of rental bicycles and a recycling bin before crashing into pedestrians and a van, then finally […]

Tesla Superchargers Expand to Non-Tesla Vehicles in France, Norway

Tesla announced plans to expand its Supercharger network to non-Tesla electric vehicles (EVs) last year, and a new update shows that the automaker is officially expanding the pilot service to other European countries. Non-Tesla vehicles in France and Norway can now charge at select Superchargers, according to a page on the automaker’s website (via @TeslaCharging). […]

Tesla Model 3 Leads Plugin EV Sales in France: September 2021

The Tesla Model 3 was the top-selling electric vehicle (EV) in France in August, and the overall upward trend of increased EV sales continued through last month, as detailed in a new report. 22 percent of all new September car sales in France were plugins, with plugin registrations totaling 28,781 units, according to CleanTechnica. The […]

Tesla Model 3 Tops EV Sales in France for August 2021

It’s no surprise that Tesla’s vehicles remain the world’s top-selling electric vehicles (EVs), even as the number of EVs on the road continues to grow in many countries across the world. The Tesla Model 3 sold the most EVs in France in August, outselling the Renault Zoe and Peugeot e-208 combined, according to data from […]

First SpaceX Starlink Internet Speed Tests in France Impress

After pre-orders went live earlier in the year, SpaceX Starlink customers in France are now getting deliveries of the required ground equipment, and results from the very first Starlink speed tests in the region are in. Starlink is the satellite internet offering from SpaceX, which targets customers in rural areas that have long lacked high-speed […]

Tesla Model 3 Dominates EV Sales in France for March 2021

Battery electric vehicles (BEV) rose 183% year-over-year (YoY) in the French electric vehicle (EV) market in March, and leading the charge, perhaps unsurprisingly, was the Tesla Model 3. According to EV Sales, the Tesla Model 3 sold 4,524 units in March 2021, making up nearly 9% of the country’s EV market share. Following behind Tesla’s […]

Tesla Model 3 Becomes Best-Selling EV in France for Q1, Data Shows

According to a recent tweet from @TeslaOwls citing statistics from AAA Data, the Tesla Model 3 has taken over the French electric vehicle (EV) market to become the best-selling all-electric car in the country for Q1 2020 with 5,763 units sold in the first quarter. BREAKING:Tesla Model 3 is now the best selling EV in France by […]

SpaceX Starlink Heading to France, But Not Without Opposition

SpaceX CEO Elon Musk has plans to cover the entire world in satellite internet coverage by the end of 2022, but is the whole world on board? Wednesday, the Independent reported SpaceX’s Starlink satellite internet plans to expand to France, but is facing pushback from Saint-Senier-de-Beuvron, a small village where the company has proposed a […]

Tesla Lowers Model 3 Prices in Germany and France

The Tesla Model 3 is the world’s top-selling electric vehicle (EV) thus far, and according to a post on Reddit, Tesla’s Model 3 just received price drops in Germany for all variants. The post, as shared by Reddit user u/_airmax, includes the new pricing, which now has the EV starting at €39,900 for the Standard […]