Amazon Has Deployed 10,000 Rivian Electric Vans in the US

Amazon has deployed more than 10,000 custom electric delivery vans across the United States as part of its commitment to achieve net-zero carbon emissions by 2040. The company co-founded The Climate Pledge in 2019 and subsequently partnered with Rivian to design and produce 100,000 electric delivery vehicles by 2030. Amazon began rolling out its electric […]

Amazon’s Attempt to Rival SpaceX Starlink Launches in 2024

Amazon is set to launch its first two prototype satellites, KuiperSat-1 and KuiperSat-2, as part of its Project Kuiper initiative aimed at providing fast, affordable broadband from low Earth orbit (LEO). The launch marks Amazon’s entry into the burgeoning space broadband market, where it will try to compete with SpaceX’s Starlink network. The Protoflight mission […]

Amazon’s Project Kuiper to Open Facility at Kennedy Space Center

Amazon’s Project Kuiper is set to open a new satellite-processing facility, located at Space Florida’s Launch and Landing Facility at Kennedy Space Center. Project Kuiper, seen as a potential rival to SpaceX’s Starlink, aims to deploy a low Earth orbit satellite network, to provide fast, affordable broadband to underserved communities worldwide. The Florida facility will […]

First Look: Amazon’s Satellite Antennas for Project Kuiper

Amazon has unveiled three different satellite antennas for its satellite internet Project Kuiper, which is an attempt to rival SpaceX’s Starlink low-Earth orbit (LEO) internet (via CNBC). The “standard” dish measures about an inch thick, 11 inches square and it weighs less than 5 pounds. Amazon expects the dish to offer users speeds of “up […]

EVgo Partners with Amazon to Find and Pay for EV Charging with Alexa

EVgo and Amazon announced a partnership in a press release on Thursday, set to help develop Alexa’s navigation capabilities to charging stations and integrate seamless payment options through the voice assistant. The system will use PlugShare to help customers find nearby charging stations, along with a comprehensive public electric vehicle (EV) charging map. The setup […]

Amazon to Invest $1 Billion for Electric Delivery Vans in Europe

Amazon plans to invest over €1 billion (~$969 million) in electrifying its European transportation routes over the next five years, as detailed in a press release from the company on Monday. The move is an attempt to reach net-zero by 2040, which the company notes is 10 years ahead of the Paris agreement. The company […]

Amazon Urges FCC to Limit SpaceX’s Starlink Expansion

Amazon is the latest competitor to oppose SpaceX’s application to expand its constellation of Starlink satellites — reports PCMag. Starlink is a high-speed broadband internet service from SpaceX powered by satellites in low Earth orbit (LEO). The service aims to provide affordable internet with viable speeds and global coverage. As of last month, SpaceX said Starlink […]

Amazon Satellite Internet to Launch into Orbit via SpaceX’s Rivals

Amazon on Tuesday announced a commercial launch deal — the largest in history — to deploy the majority of the low Earth orbit (LEO) satellites for its “Project Kuiper” satellite broadband service into orbit (via ArsTechnica). The deal covers 83 rocket launches over the next five years from the three largest commercial launch providers in the […]

Amazon and Stellantis Partner on Software for Millions of Cars, Starting in 2024

Amazon and Stellantis announced a new partnership on Wednesday to develop a new in-vehicle experience for Stellantis’ upcoming vehicles through new software called STLA SmartCockpit, according to a press release. The SmartCockpit is set to Stellantis vehicles in worldwide markets beginning in 2024, with the platform set to include cloud services for integrating vehicle experiences […]

Amazon Owns 20% Stake in Rivian, Reveals SEC Filing

In a filing with the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) on Friday, Amazon disclosed a sizable stake in electric vehicle (EV) startup Rivian — reports CNBC. As of September 30, Amazon holds equity investments “including preferred stock of Rivian Automotive, Inc. representing an approximately 20% ownership interest” that is valued at $3.8 billion USD, reads […]

SpaceX Responds to Amazon’s FCC Complaint Over Starlink Gen2 Amendment

SpaceX filed plans for a second-generation satellite with the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) earlier this month, just a few days before rival company Amazon (Project Kuiper) asked the FCC to halt the company’s plans. On Tuesday, SpaceX filed a response with the FCC to Amazon satellite company Project Kuiper’s attempts to block upcoming Starlink launches […]