JSX Completes Starlink Install on its Embraer Fleet

Charter flight operator JSX announced that it has completed the installation of the SpaceX Starlink inflight connectivity system on its fleet of 40 Embraer regional jets, according to Aviation Week. The Dallas-based operator, regulated under Part 135 (non-scheduled air charter carrier), is offering the Starlink service without charge, providing passengers with the ability to stream […]

Starlink Outshines Competitors as Users Highly Recommend Service: Ookla

Starlink users in both metropolitan and nonmetropolitan areas are extremely satisfied with their internet service, with recent Ookla data from Q4 2022 and Q1 2023 revealing a stark difference in Net Promoter Score (NPS) between Starlink and other fixed broadband providers. Utilizing Speedtest Intelligence, Ookla analyzed NPS scores for Starlink users and compared them to […]

Starlink Reaches 1.5 Million Users, Over 4,000 Satellites in Orbit

SpaceX announced on Friday it has reached a major milestone of 1.5 million Starlink satellite internet users worldwide. Back in December 2022, SpaceX said Starlink had reached 1 million users, so there has been a 50% increase in about five months. The newly-established Starlink Twitter account said on Friday, “thank you to our 1.5M+ customers […]

SpaceX Debuts Starlink Twitter Account on May the 4th [VIDEO]

With SpaceX CEO Elon Musk owning Twitter, his companies continue to expand their presence on the social network. There’s now a dedicated @Starlink Twitter account, following in the footsteps of the @TeslaCharging and @Tesla_Megapack accounts, for example. The new Starlink Twitter account debuted on Thursday and its verification label shows it’s part of SpaceX. The […]

SpaceX Starship to Pursue Orbit with $2 Billion Boost, Says Musk

SpaceX plans to spend approximately $2 billion on the development of its Starship rocket this year, as it aims to build on its first launch earlier in the month. CEO Elon Musk expressed his expectations for the next flight during a Twitter Spaces discussion on Saturday, stating, “My expectation for the next flight would be […]

You Can Now Buy Starlink Kits at Home Depot

SpaceX has started selling its standard Starlink satellite kit at Home Depot in the United States. The listing was spotted by Nathan Owens and the list price is $599.99, with a limit of 2 per order, with ship-to-store and delivery options available. Traditionally, buying a Starlink kit required ordering from SpaceX’s website and waiting for […]

Next SpaceX Falcon Heavy Launch Now Set for Sunday

SpaceX had planned for two launches in one day yesterday, but only one of two took place on Friday. The SES O3b mPOWER mission to medium-Earth orbit from Space Launch Complex 40 (SLC-40) at Cape Canaveral Space Force Station in Florida was successful, taking place on April 28 at 6:12 p.m. ET. You can watch […]

SpaceX and Rogers to Bring Satellite-to-Phone Coverage Across Canada

First there was T-Mobile as a partner in the U.S., and now SpaceX has inked with Canada’s Rogers for its global cellphone service. Rogers Communications Inc. and SpaceX announced on Wednesday to bring satellite-to-phone coverage to all Canadians, ensuring continuous connectivity in areas beyond the reach of conventional wireless networks. Utilizing SpaceX’s Starlink low earth […]

Payday Relaunches in Rwanda with SpaceX Starlink

Rwanda is set to experience a new era of neobanking services as Payday officially relaunches in the country, powered by SpaceX’s Starlink satellite internet service. The innovative partnership aims to provide the best in digital banking services for Africans, announced the company on Tuesday. Payday, a global neobank for Africans, was initially conceived on June […]

SpaceX Confirms Starship Flight Termination Systems Kicked In Today

SpaceX’s Starship took a significant leap forward with today’s initial flight test of the fully integrated Starship and Super Heavy rocket, launched from Starbase in Texas. Starship made history at 8:33 a.m. CT, as it lifted off from the orbital launch pad for the first time. The vehicle reached an unprecedented apogee of around 39 […]

SpaceX Debuts ‘Starship Torch’ Pre-Sale for $175 USD

SpaceX has unveiled the Starship Torch, a versatile tool designed for culinary enthusiasts and SpaceX fans alike, now available as part of a pre-sale. It looks freaking amazing. Launching for pre-sale at $175 USD, the Starship Torch is set to ignite kitchens and hearts alike in Q3 2023. Inspired by SpaceX’s iconic Starship spacecraft, this […]