Seaspan Completes SpaceX Starlink Across Entire Fleet

Seaspan starlink

Vancouver-based Seaspan, a prominent independent owner and operator of maritime assets in Canada, has announced the successful integration of SpaceX’s Starlink satellite connectivity across its entire fleet, marking a pivotal advancement in its digital transformation.

This initiative positions Seaspan as one of the first major containership operators to fully adopt Starlink’s high-speed, low-latency communication services, highlighting its commitment to technological leadership within the maritime sector.

In collaboration with SpaceX, Seaspan has led the charge in leveraging low-Earth orbit satellite technology, aimed at significantly enhancing operational capabilities and addressing the increasing demands of marine operations. This strategic move not only boosts the efficiency and safety of Seaspan’s vessels but also significantly improves the welfare of seafarers by ensuring consistent and reliable connectivity.

Torsten Holst Pedersen, Chief Operating Officer of Seaspan, expressed pride in the company’s role as an innovator in the industry, noting that the enhanced connectivity facilitates greater operational efficiency and safety across the fleet.

Garret Wong, Vice President of Information Technology at Seaspan, emphasized the critical need for robust communication systems to handle the growing data demands driven by AI and other advanced technologies. “With Starlink now operational on all our vessels, we are optimally equipped to harness cutting-edge technologies and maintain our leadership in maritime operations,” Wong added.