SpaceX Applies for Internet Permit for Starlink in Indonesia

SpaceX has formally submitted an application to the Indonesian government for an internet service provider (ISP) license for its satellite-based internet service, Starlink, according to Indonesia’s Ministry of Communications.

This move signifies Starlink’s continuing push into the Southeast Asian market, following its service launch in Malaysia last year and a partnership agreement with a Philippine company in 2022, reports Reuters.

Indonesia’s Communications Minister, Budi Arie Setiadi, emphasized the importance of maintaining a fair and competitive business environment in response to Starlink’s application. He highlighted that Starlink is slated to conduct a trial in Nusantara, the country’s future capital currently being developed in the Borneo jungle, sometime in 2024.

Starlink, which operates about 60% of the 7,500 satellites currently in orbit, has become a key player in the satellite internet industry.

A ministry official, Wayan Toni Supriyanto, noted that while Starlink has established a local hub, it has yet to meet all the criteria necessary to secure an ISP license in Indonesia. This step towards expanding its services in Indonesia marks a significant effort by Starlink to increase its presence in the region, offering high-speed internet access through its extensive satellite network.