Starlink Launches Expert Installation Service

SpaceX has introduced an exclusive Expert Installer service for its Starlink satellite internet, available only for residents in Ohio, at the cost of $199 USD for residential homes. This new service is aimed at assisting both new and existing Starlink users with the installation process.

The Expert Installer service connects Starlink customers with professionals who have undergone specific training for installing Starlink equipment. These installers are equipped with additional tools and accessories needed for various installation scenarios, although it’s important to note that they do not supply the Starlink Kits themselves (via Reddit).

Customers interested in leveraging this service can opt in through the Starlink website at the time of purchasing their new connection or by reaching out directly to Starlink Customer Support. Following the purchase of the installation service, customers will receive an email containing the contact information of their assigned installer, who will then coordinate with them to schedule an installation appointment.

Starlink says that the activation of the internet service and the starting of billing are not contingent upon the date of installation. Customers are encouraged to setup their installation appointments at the earliest possible time to enjoy the benefits of their satellite internet without delay.

In Ohio, DSI Systems is the installer and can be reached at (800) 759-2115 or Setting up the installation is part of the Starlink checkout process.

It’s unclear if and when this Expert Installer service will expand to other states, but it’s nice to see that it’s being offered. Some people don’t have the tools and aren’t handy enough to setup a Starlink dish on their roof or mount on the side of the house, especially those with mobility issues like some seniors citizens.