Tesla Cybertruck, Design Chief Show Up to ‘Cars and Coffee’ Event [PICS]

Cybertruck blkmdl3

Image: Zack (@BLKMDL3)

Tesla’s Cybertruck and the company’s design head, Franz von Holzhausen, showed up today at the inaugural ‘cars and coffee’ event at the Petersen Automotive Museum in Los Angeles, California.

Numerous Tesla fans were on site and surprised to see Holzhausen show up with the Cybertruck and his kids. It also provided an opportunity to view the new Cybertruck up close, yet again. This truck just looks so bad ass.

Below are numerous pictures and videos shared of Cybertruck courtesy of Ryan Zohoury and Zack:

Cybertruck bed and charge port:

Cybertruck rear wheel steering:

Franz driving away in Cybertruck with his kids:

Franz taking selfies and also signing cars:

Cybertruck charge port:

Cybertruck bed, rear camera and more:

Franz at the inaugural EV cars and coffee at the Petersen Automotive Museum:

According to Zack (@BLKMDL3), Cybertruck has perforated seats, suggesting ventilated seats will be included:

Cybertruck cameras also are showing a red tint on them, suggesting HW4 cameras:

Panel gaps look pretty good on this Cybertruck prototype:

Here’s the tonneau cover in action:

YouTube video

Lately, Cybertruck prototypes have been spotted in the wild with camo wraps on, while a recent drone flyover at Gigafactory Texas showed Giga Press equipment being installed, suggesting we’re on track to see the first deliveries in either Q3 or Q4.