Tesla Cybertruck in Camo Wrap Spotted in the Wild [PICS]

Cybertruck camo 3

Image via @tenetenergy

Tesla appears to be openly flexing the design of its latest Cybertruck prototype, but this time wrapped in a camouflage design.

The Cybertruck was spotted multiple times today and shared on social media. According to the latest sighting spotted by Tenet (@tenetenergy), Tesla’s Cybertruck was just rolling down the streets of Palo Alto, California.

Looking at the photo above, we’re seeing what appears to be the latest Cybertruck design, noted by its triangle side mirrors.

Another Cybertruck in camp wrap sighting earlier in the day was shared by YYDS @ya78756632, but it’s unknown if that user took the following pictures. These first images almost looked like a really good Photoshop job. But the other image shared by Tenet later confirmed this thing is indeed real.

Now, it’s unclear if Tesla is actually testing the final Cybertruck design, or just testing a camo wrap. Nonetheless, seeing a Cybertruck in the wild with a new look gets customers of Tesla and fans of the futuristic truck talking.

Tesla is slated to start production of the Cybertruck later this year, at Giga Texas. First deliveries are slated for later this year as well, likely in Q3 alongside a delivery event.

What do you think of this Cybertruck in a camo wrap?