Tesla Giga Texas Milestone: 5,000 Model Y Production in a Week

giga texas 5000 model y week

Tesla has just announced its Gigafactory in Austin, Texas, has reached a significant milestone: 5,000 Model Y compact crossovers built in one week.

The automaker made the announcement on Tuesday afternoon, sharing a short video of staff outside surrounding three Model Y vehicles. Tesla will soon produce its Cybertruck at Giga Texas later this year.

Back in April, Giga Texas reached 4,000 Model Y vehicles built in one week, while the 3,000 mark was reached in December of 2022. Giga Texas hit 2,000 Model Y cars built in just 72 days, while its first 1,000 car production per week came in August 2022, 133 days after opening the factory on April 10, 2022.

Looking below at the chart compiled by Roland Pircher, we see Giga Texas has ramped up faster than Giga Berlin to 5,000 cars per week, overtaking the European Gigafactory leading up to 4,000 Model Y cars per week.

The Model Y was the best-selling car in Europe for Q1.

Tesla’s other Gigafactory in Berlin reached 5,000 Model Y vehicles built per week back in late March.

Yesterday, it was rumoured Tesla was set to announce its 5,000 production per week milestone this week, as per @Greggertruck. Looks like his sources have turned out to be accurate.

Being able to ramp up to 5,000 cars produced per week means around 260,000 cars can be produced at Giga Texas. Add in Giga Berlin and that’s about a 500,000 annual run rate for both factories combined.