Tesla Cybertruck Looks Menacing Beside Cyclist, Spotted in Fremont

Cybertruck bike

Tesla’s Cybertruck was spotted in Fremont, California, in new images shared on Reddit yesterday.

The Cybertruck prototype was seen on Kate Road, stopped at an intersection, according to images shared by u/ajaysns. The Cybertruck’s size and scale can be seen as it is stopped next to a cyclist at the intersection. The truck’s side looks huge and menacing beside the person on the e-bike.

Cybertruck bike 2

Here’s one more picture of the Cybertruck spotted in the wild:

Cybertruck bike 3

In related Cybertruck news, it’s being speculated a second 9,000t Gigapress arrived at Giga Texas, based on the video from Brad Sloan below:

YouTube video

On March 29, IDRA Group, makers of the Gigapress, said they had securely packed a new delivery set for a transatlantic crossing, and the packaging aligns with what was seen at Giga Texas, points out @Tslachan:

Tesla is expected to hold a Cybertruck delivery event ‘probably’ sometime this year in Q3 says CEO Elon Musk.