Tesla Store in Berlin Hit with Paint Bombs Over Gigafactory Water Use

A Tesla store in Berlin, Germany was targeted this week with paint bombs and posters, citing the company’s water use at its nearby Grünheide factory, as shared by Tagesspiegel earlier this week. The incident occurred against the exterior facade of the Mall of Berlin shopping center on Tuesday morning by 6-7 hooded people, armed with bags of paint.

The posters show Tesla’s Model S and logo in what appear to be advertisements, instead reading “Driving For a Burning Planet,” and “Driving For a Dead Planet.” Additionally, two posters showing wildlife drinking from a stream in a pasture near a pipe were posted over the glass on the front door, and paint was thrown at the front of the store.

Left wing groups “Ende Gelände” and “Interventionalist Left” were involved in the campaign.

@TheEVuniverse pointed out an RBB chart showing water use at Gigafactory Berlin is far lower compared to other factories.

Tesla has been targeted by environmental activists in Germany before, with one cable fire lit at the plant in 2021 being a planned attack. During the construction of Giga Berlin, Tesla was also ordered to halt deforestation due to local wildlife populations when activists stepped in and opposed the project. Tesla plans to expand the factory and will need to use more water and electricity, but much to the opposition of environmentalists.

Critics of the project have noted Tesla’s water use at Giga Berlin, and pointed out how the plant’s infrastructure has already done irreversible damage to the site.