First Private Tesla Model S Plaid at Nürburgring Raceway [VIDEO]

Photo: Sebastian Vittel

German racecar driver Sebastian Vittel shared footage of him driving his own personal Tesla Model S Plaid out to the Nüburgring racetrack on Sunday, marking the first private Model S Plaid to hit the track, according to the video.

Vittel pointed out that conditions on the track were far from ideal, with some dirt and rain from the previous night making handling rough, along with it only being 8 degrees Celsius.

As a result, Vittel says he took the lap very carefully, though he still says he could feel the car’s power.

Although the vehicle didn’t overheat as much as the Model 3, Vittel notes that even with the Model S Plaid’s “limp mode” enabled during the third lap, the car was still offering 500hp, or enough to beat 90 percent of the vehicles on the track at the time.

As for brakes, Vittel says he had regeneration set to 60 percent, with 50 percent front and rear traction repartitioning.

Vittel recently explained how the upcoming carbon ceramic brake kit from Tesla would unlock the Model S Plaid’s 200mph top speed. He can also be seen in past videos racing in snowy conditions if you want something a little more stressful than the video below.

Watch Vittel’s take on Nürburgring with the Tesla Model S Plaid below.

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