Tesla Unlocks Model S Plaid Top Speed with Carbon Ceramic Brake Kit [VIDEO]

Photo: Tesla

Tesla’s upcoming $20,000 USD Carbon Ceramic Brake Kit for the Model S Plaid has been confirmed to unlock the high-end electric sedan’s 200mph top speed, according to a new video from Sebastian Vittel (via @BLKMDL3).

Until now, it wasn’t clear whether the pricey brake kit would undo the speed limiter on Tesla’s Model S Plaid. While Tesla originally launched the Model S Plaid with an advertised top speed of 200mph, the company clarified in November 2021 that hitting that speed would require “paid hardware upgrades.”

Last week, Tesla North reported that Tesla is preparing to launch its limited edition Carbon Ceramic Brake Kit soon.

Vittel recently got to try out what he called “the absolute first” Model S Plaid with the Carbon Ceramic Brake Kit installed, and he confirmed that the upgrade not only unlocked the 200mph top speed but the electric vehicle (EV) actually hit a maximum of 217mph (350 kph) on its speedometer.

He says he was given the opportunity to try the new brake kit from Tesla Belgium.

The YouTuber also tested the Model S Plaid on Germany’s Autobahn, where he said the car was able to do 198-205mph. Vittel was extremely impressed with the Model S Plaid’s performance with the premium brake kit — it looks like Tesla delaying the kit’s launch paid off.

If you’re planning on forking over $20,000 for Tesla’s custom Carbon Ceramic Brake Kit, it looks like you’ll be able to reach the full extent of your Model S Plaid’s top speed (and then some).

Vittel said he will soon share videos of his Autobahn test with the upgraded Model S Plaid and a “surprising” run on the Nürburgring, where a stock Model S Plaid set a world record for an electric production car back in 2021.

In a meantime, you can watch Vittel set a lap record at the CIRCUIT de BRESSE in France in the video below:

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