SpaceX is Ramping Up Hiring for Starlink at Austin, Texas Factory

Photo: SpaceX

As Starlink continues expanding its orbital satellite constellation, its internet teams back on Earth look to be getting an upgrade.

SpaceX is ramping up hiring for its Starlink satellite internet team in Austin, Texas, as can be seen on the company’s careers page, reports @Nathan Owens on Friday.

The page includes dozens of jobs working with Starlink, such as manufacturing engineers, aviation certification engineers, tool and die specialists, production supervisors and many more.

Last month, SpaceX also posted jobs for an operations manager and others at the Austin Starlink factory.

A number of job listings surfaced in 2021 in Austin, Texas, signaling SpaceX’s plans to create a Starlink factory in the area.

The news comes as Starlink service continues to hit some of the world’s most remote regions, most recently including the service becoming operational on the island of Mayotte.

It also comes as SpaceX begins testing next-generation Starlink dishes, of which the company is testing around 200 models. The next-gen Starlink dishes are also expected to be a little bit larger than the current generation.

SpaceX also expanded Starlink service to include maritime customers, and those in moving vehicles such as RVs and cars. Additionally, multiple air carriers have picked up Starlink internet as their in-flight WiFi, recently including Japan’s Zipair.