First Tesla Model Y Performance Deliveries in Australia Coming Soon

Courtesy of Tesla, Inc.

The Tesla Model Y launched in Australia last August, and it has been so popular with recent price cuts that its deliveries are being pushed further and further out.

Tesla’s Model Y units are now showing estimated delivery dates of February to May on the company’s order configurator, as detailed in a report from The Driven.

The news comes just a day after Tesla Model Y Performance customers were notified that their vehicles had been built and were preparing for shipment. Additionally, customers are receiving their VIN numbers, showing that the vehicles have officially been built.

In recent months, updated delivery estimates showed the first Model Y Performance units delivering between April and June, though the first units may now be delivering in the coming weeks.

The Driven also spotted a 2023 Model Y Performance in inventory in Western Australia, including 21-inch Uberturbine wheels, a white paint coat and a price tag of $96,300 before taxes, fees or incentives. This means this vehicle is ready to be purchased right away.

In December, Tesla’s Model Y was awarded the “Car of the Year” award in Australia, just weeks before the Model 3 would end the Toyota Camry’s 28-year sales streak to top local sales charts.