Tesla Model 3 Ends Toyota Camry’s 28-Year Sales Streak in Australia

The Tesla Model 3 ended the Toyota Camry’s 28-year reign in the Australian auto market, outselling the vehicle and almost doubling its own sales year over year.

Tesla’s Model 3 sold 10,877 units in Australia in 2022, while the Toyota Camry sold just 9,538 units, according to data reported by Drive.com.au.

Overall, the market reported 33,410 electric vehicles (EVs) sold in 2022, marking a 549-percent increase year over year after just 5,149 were sold in 2021.

Tesla’s Model 3 and Model Y units pushed the automaker’s brand to 16th place on sales charts, landing ahead of companies such as Audi, Honda, Volvo and more. The U.S. automaker was also the top EV brand in the market.

Despite EV sales continuing to grow exponentially, they still represent just 3.1 percent of new car sales, while hybrids made up about 7.6 percent of the market.

The second-best-selling EV brand in December was China’s Warren Buffett-backed BYD, selling nearly as many vehicles as Polestar sold for the whole year. BYD sells numerous hybrid models that are not all battery electric vehicles.

Australia is seeing increasing EV options hit the market for consumers, with over two-dozen EVs on sale in the country from companies such as Toyota, Subaru, MG, Hyundai, Kia, Cupra and Volkswagen.