Tototheo Maritime Launches SpaceX Starlink Internet Service

Photo: Tototheo

Marine communications provider Tototheo Maritime has now added SpaceX’s Starlink internet to its portfolio of options for connectivity, according to an announcement made earlier this week.

The two parties finalized a contract in December 2022, and Cypress-based Tototheo plans to deploy Starlink internet service by the end of this month.

Starlink’s low-Earth orbit (LEO) internet service will be added to the company’s internet offerings, currently including LTE 3G and 4G, Iridium L-Band, TM Flex Ku-Band, Inmarsat GX Ka- and L-Band, and other terrestrial connectivity solutions.

“This marks a new era for maritime connectivity,” Tototheo Co-CEO Despina Panayiotou Theodosiou said. “With a fast-expanding coverage area, the speeds Starlink offers will enable a leap forward in the integration of more effective and sustainable technologies in maritime.”

SpaceX first did business with a third-party reseller last year in a Starlink distribution contract with Speedcast, which let the company access satellite internet via much closer orbital LEO satellites.

Additionally, SpaceX offers its satellite internet services directly to a handful of marine companies, now having individual supply deals for Starlink with Silent Yachts, Carnival Cruises, Hurtigruten Expeditions and more.

SpaceX is also pushing Starlink out to even more aircraft liners, including Airbus, Boeing, airBaltic, JSX and still others.