Another Tesla Model 3 Spotted with Camo Front and Rear Bumpers

Photo: u/the_frog_said

Another Tesla Model 3 with covered rear and front has been spotted in the wild, suggesting that it could be the upcoming refreshed version of the electric sedan.

A Tesla Model 3 with California manufacturing plates and camouflage wrap on the front and back has been spotted, which some think could be the new “Highland” version of the vehicle (via Reddit).

The vehicle is shown stopped at a red light, featuring wraps that completely cover the rear and front ends of the vehicle. The angle of the photo primarily shows the rear end of the vehicle, though viewers can see a small amount of the wrap coming around the side of the front end.

The user sharing the photos says the sighting took place near Tesla’s Palo Alto, California facility. They also said that they tried to get in front of the vehicle to take more photos, but that the Model 3 evaded them shortly after the intersection.

Tesla’s Model 3 Highland will reportedly enter production at both Gigafactory Shanghai and Gigafactory Fremont in Q3 of this year. The design of the refreshed Model 3 is rumoured to simplify the interior of the vehicle, which may even help cut costs on the electric sedan.

In the past, Tesla has made incremental changes to each of its vehicles, with the Tesla Model 3 gaining small changes over the years such as chrome delete on the door handles and exterior trim. Tesla recently slashed prices across all of their vehicles, eliminating the price increases that occurred in 2022.