Tesla Model 3 with Camouflaged Front and Rear Spotted in the Wild

Image: @omg_tesla on Twitter

A Tesla Model 3 with a camouflage cover on the front and rear was recently spotted at a parking space in Santa Cruz, California (via @omg_tesla).

The electric vehicle (EV) seemed to have factory plates, indicating that it is part of Tesla’s engineering and testing fleet.

“Tesla policy requires employees who use certain [engineering] fleet cars in public to always use a car cover when parked in public if the vehicle is equipped with hardware not known or available to the public,” said Twitter user @Aiaddict1, who claims to be a former Tesla employee. They knew this information because they “used to drive the [engineering] fleet prototypes.

Could this be the rumored “Project Highland” Model 3 refresh that Tesla is planning to start producing next year? The revamp will reportedly feature a simplified interior, among other changes. While the camouflaged Model 3’s interior doesn’t look any different, Tesla could simply be trying out other updates it is working on.

One Twitter user speculated the camouflage could be covering a new camera module in the front headlight assembly, while another said it could be a new sensor suit.

Tesla’s Model 3 refresh could also come with a price cut — the all-electric sedan currently starts at nearly $47,000 in the U.S. In the meantime, Tesla is offering a $3,750 discount on all Model 3 and Model Y orders delivered in North America this month.

What we do know for sure is that seeing a camouflaged Tesla EV out and about is certainly interesting. While the automaker’s production process is constantly iterative, incorporating small modifications as soon as they are ready to go, a model refresh means that some major changes can be expected.

What do you think the camouflaged Model 3 is hiding? Let us know in the comments below.