Tesla Model Y Driver Assistance Safety Tech Gets ‘G+’ Rating in China [VIDEO]

Photo: IVISTA (via @JayinShanghai)

A research study in China has rated Tesla’s Autopilot highly in a test of the latter’s compact crossover SUV, as part of a review of driver assistance systems.

The Tesla Model Y has been awarded a Good+ (G+) rating in the China Automobile Research Intelligent Vehicle Index (IVISTA), as shared on Monday by @JayinShanghai.

The tests, as conducted by the China Automotive Engineering Research Institute, were performed with a 2022 rear-wheel-drive Model Y using Enhanced Autopilot running vehicle software 2022.23.101.2.

Check out the video below showing the Model Y and its driver safety tech put to the test:

Jay noted that Autopilot improvements still need to be made, also adding that the long-awaited Full Self-Driving (FSD) beta should be brought to China still.

It’s not clear yet when Tesla plans to debut the FSD beta in the Chinese market, but internal code spotted by one developer last year suggested that the semi-autonomous driving assistant could be headed for the country soon.

The Tesla Model Y dominated China’s best-selling SUV category in November, outselling competitors such as the NIO ES7 and the Li Auto Li, and gas SUVs including the BMW X3, the Audi Q5 and the Mercedes-Benz GLC.

The Tesla Model Y has also received praise in other markets, earning a five-star rating from the European NCAP safety tests in September.