Tesla’s Model Y Dominated China’s Best-Selling SUV Category in November

Tesla’s sales in China remain a crucial piece of the automaker’s global market share, and new data shows that the company’s flagship electric SUV is absolutely crushing the competition in the world’s largest automotive market.

The Tesla Model Y landed the title of China’s best-selling premium SUV in November, with the second-place BMW X3 falling nearly 40,000 units behind, according to data shared by the China Passenger Car Association in a report from CnEVPost.

Tesla’s Model Y sold an impressive 52,424 units in November, representing over four times as many sales as the BMW X3’s 12,632 units sold.

Other vehicles rounding out the segment’s top five sellers included the Audi Q5 (11,162 units), the Mercedes-Benz GLC (10,642 units) and the Li Auto Li L9 (9,087 units). Notably, Tesla rival NIO’s ES7 electric vehicle (EV) also made the top ten list of premium SUV sales with 4,897 units sold.

Tesla sold a total of 62,493 units in China during November, and the news of its Model Y topping sales charts comes just after rumors surfaced that the automaker could be trimming production in December.

While Tesla denied earlier reports of plans to cut December production, a new report on Friday surfaced suggesting that the automaker plans to pause Model Y production for the final week of the year — just a few days after separate tips claimed Tesla would be shortening employee shifts at Giga Shanghai.