Tesla Set Quarterly Deliveries Records in Several European Countries, Shows Data

Courtesy of Tesla, Inc.

Tesla has set quarterly delivery records in at least four European countries for Spain, the Netherlands, Norway and Sweden combined, as seen in registration data compiled by EU-EVs (via @Roland Pircher).

The data shows compiled deliveries from the four countries across quarters dating as far back as Q4 2020.

Tesla has surpassed its deliveries records in the countries with another nine days remaining in the quarter, appearing to have already delivered nearly 11,000 units across the four countries.

Pircher says we can likely also expect new quarterly records in Europe’s top three countries, the United Kingdom, Germany and France.

About 24.2 percent of Tesla’s deliveries in Europe head to Germany, with about 21.3 percent to the United Kingdom and 15.7 percent to France.

Tesla’s deliveries across Spain (4 percent), the Netherlands (2.5 percent), Norway (12.4 percent) and Sweden (4.9 percent) combined amount to roughly 23.8 percent of its deliveries.

The news comes just weeks after a massive trainload of Model Y vehicles were seen being transported through Europe. In September, the Tesla Model Y was Europe’s best-selling vehicle, even beating out the popular and local Peugeot 208 gas car.

A report from October claimed that Tesla planned to increase ship exports from its Giga Shanghai factory to Europe by 60 percent in Q4 to meet high demand in the region’s countries.