Tesla Seen Hauling Train-Load of Model Y Units in Europe

Photo: Luc Waterlot

Tesla appears to have brought out the big guns as it rushes to make its final deliveries in the last few weeks of the year. The automaker maker was recently spotted hauling a ridiculous number of electric vehicles (EVs) across Europe on a train.

Twitter user @Luc Waterlot spotted a train loaded full of Model Y units somewhere in Europe, thought to be hauling the vehicles from Germany to Norway. The video goes on for a good 45 seconds as Warlot drives alongside the stationary train and the Model Y units, produced at Tesla’s Gigafactory in Berlin, just keep on coming.

It’s tough to tell from the video just how many Model Ys are loaded onto the train, or if there’s a second train behind the one seen in the video carrying a similar amount, but it appears to have over 200 units of the electric SUV loaded in transit.

The Tesla Model Y was the top-selling car in Norway in November, also earning the spot of best-selling EV in France for the same month. In addition, the Model Y beat out the Peugeot 208 to become Europe’s best-selling vehicle in September and it was also the second-best-selling vehicle overall in the United Kingdom during November.

Tesla’s Superchargers in Europe have faced multiple price increases recently, with price hikes spotted in both the Netherlands and Germany.