Tesla Said to Increase Ship Exports by 60% to Europe in Q4, Claims Report

Photo: Tesla Mag

Tesla will reportedly send 15 ships carrying Model 3 and Y exports from China to Europe in the fourth quarter, claims unnamed sources speaking to Tesla Mag.

The figure, if true, marks a substantial increase in ships from last quarter, during which the automaker just 10 ships delivered vehicles across European markets, according to one source. It also represents an increase of roughly 60 percent from just three months ago, when Tesla filled just eight ships with China-Europe deliveries.

The vehicles will be delivered to left-hand-drive markets in Europe, with a total of 45,000 Model 3 and Y units expected to reach Europe in Q4.

Tesla is also set to increase deliveries of the German-made Model Y, and the automaker will prioritize all Grünheide-built vehicles for the German market from December through the end of the year.

The news comes as Tesla has gradually increased European deliveries, with three-digit deliveries taking place each week in Germany in October. The upcoming ships put Tesla around four-digit deliveries in November, potentially even reaching five-digit weekly deliveries in December.

Overall, onlookers expect Tesla to reach more than 30,000 German deliveries in Q4, including a handful of the continent’s first Model S and X units.

“We are extremely confident of a great Q4, and we anticipate continuing to grow our vehicle production sales deliveries by — on average 50% a year as far into the future as we can see,” said Tesla Elon Musk during the company’s recent Q3 earnings call.

“As our factories ramp, we’re looking forward to a record-breaking Q4. So, it really, knock on wood, it looks like we’ll have an epic end of year. So, Q4 is looking extremely good,” added Musk.

Tesla’s Model Y topped EV plugin sales in Europe in August, leading the pack in the year-to-date category.