Tesla Model S/X Plaid Deliveries in Europe Set for November: Report

After Tesla started taking Model X and S Plaid orders in Europe, the automaker is officially set to begin delivering to its first customers next month — on track from the automaker’s estimates made in August.

Tesla buyers in Europe are receiving calls about their upcoming Model S and X Plaid deliveries by the end of the year, according to customers on the TFF Forum this week (via Tesla Mag).

The automaker announced plans to deliver Model S and Model X Plaid units to European buyers in November. Tesla also kicked off the announcement by raising prices by roughly 11,000 euros for the Model S Plaid and 30,000 for the Model X Plaid.

The units are set to take the place of the Model S and X Long Range versions, offering three motors instead of two.

The Model S and X Plaid units were also spotted at Tesla’s Fremont, California plant in the U.S., and YouTube channel Met God in Wilderness noted that they appeared to be the European builds — if nothing else, but from the front license plate holders which were clearly not designed for the U.S. market.


Shipping to Europe from the Tesla factory in Fremont in the U.S. will take roughly four weeks, according to Tesla Mag.