Tesla Model S Plaid with Tow Hitch Now Available in Europe

Tesla Model S Plaid Tow Hitch in Europe

Photo: Tesla (via @Tesla_Adri)

U.S. automaker Tesla periodically changes what’s available, and it has just made a tow hitch accessory available with its high-end premium electric sedan.

Tesla has made a tow hitch available with its Model S Plaid units in Europe, and possibly a long range all-wheel-drive version of the vehicle, as shown on the company’s order configurator page, according to @Tesla_Adri.

The Model S and Model X also are now available to order in Europe.

In the description of the tow hitch, as translated from German, Tesla writes, “High-strength steel trailer coupling and coupling pocket, for towing loads of up to 1,600 kg. Tow hitch accessories sold separately.”

The Tesla Model S Plaid hit Europe last year, though the automaker’s Model Y and Model 3 are its best-selling vehicles on the continent.

The Tesla Model Y dominated electric vehicle (EV) sales in Europe in June, with the Model 3 landing second.

Viewers have spotted several ship plans set to carry Tesla’s vehicles to Europe, hinting at the fact that Model 3 and Y exports from Giga Shanghai are expected to be huge in Q3.

Tesla also began selling the Model Y with a tow hitch in Norway in May, after launching the tow hitch Model Y across Europe in January.

In July, Tesla hit 800 Supercharger locations across 30 countries in Europe, with still more to come.