Tesla MyQ Pricing for USA and Canada Includes Up to 10-Year Terms

Tesla’s 2022 holiday software update brings MyQ integration for the first time, allowing owners of vehicles to seamlessly integrate their compatible garage door openers from Chamberlain’s MyQ lineup.

The integration allows a Tesla owner to open and close their garage from their car’s display, plus check the open/close status. A geofence feature will also automatically open and close your garage door based on your car’s proximity to your home.

We saw subscription pricing for Tesla MyQ customers earlier, but now we have some more details as shared on Reddit by u/Significant-Beach415, noting US and Canada pricing that’s available in 1-year, 5-year and 10-year terms:

Tesla myq pricing spreadsheet

Canadian pricing is from $59 for 1 year, $235 for 5 years and $395 for 10 years. USA pricing is from $45 for 1 year, $179 for 5 years and $299 for 10 years. The pricing for the longer 5 year and 10 year terms are priced somewhat low enough that it may make a Tesla owner willing to pay more upfront for long term savings.

The longterm 10-year MyQ pricing almost rivals the $350 USD cost of HomeLink from Tesla, which adds a garage door opener to the Model 3 and Model Y.

These prices will be available after the initial 30-day MyQ trial period, which is limited to one per customer.

Will you be jumping on a MyQ subscription?

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