How Tesla MyQ Garage Door Integration Will Work According to Deleted Website

myQ connected garage tesla

Tesla’s upcoming holiday software update is said to include MyQ garage integration, allowing the latter to seamlessly open and close your garage door at home.

We now have some more details on how Tesla MyQ integration will work, based on a since-deleted webpage from Chamberlain, thanks to the Wayback Machine. These images were first shared by @Teslascope earlier this week.

According to the old MyQ webpage detailing Tesla integration it reads, “myQ Connected Garage + Tesla.”

The website details, “Garage control from your Tesla touchscreen,” and specifically mentions Model 3 and Model Y owners.

“Select Tesla Model 3 and Model Y drivers can open, close and monitor their garage door safely from their touchscreen. This simple in-dash update allows drivers to take myQ Connected Garage for a 30-day complimentary trial. No credit card required.”

Later it details compatibility, saying, “Select Tesla Model Y and Model 3 vehicles that do not have HomeLink are compatible with myQ Connected Garage.”

Once you’ve determined if your garage door opener is MyQ compatible and you have the latest Tesla software update installed, you need to “Find myQ in Vehicle Settings Locks. Click Link myQ Account and follow the step-by-step instructions to complete setup.” This will generate a QR code on your Tesla display.

“Scan the QR code to link your MyQ account on your mobile device,” reads the message on the Tesla image:

Tesla myq hero 2

Images show the “myQ Connected Garage” setting on your Tesla will list all the garages with various settings available for each and open/close status. You can set it so your mirrors will auto-fold, your garage will auto-open when you’re arriving home within a certain distance and also auto-close when leaving.

Tesla myq hero 4

“Never wonder if you left your garage door open again. Open, close and monitor your garage door—safely from your touchscreen,” says the MyQ website. “Geofence auto open and auto close allows your Tesla to control access to your garage—hands free.”

Now, this service may come with a subscription it seems. “One subscription allows you to link your compatible Tesla vehicles to garage doors at multiple locations. Plus, your subscription goes with you—even if you get a new Tesla,” says another part of the website.

Tesla myq hero 5

The fine print says the first 30 days are free, but after it says $179 for five years of the myQ Connected Garage service:

“Activate your Tesla + myQ Connected Garage Subscription and get your first 30 days FREE. By activating your subscription, you are acknowledging your agreement to the Terms of Service and Subscription Agreement found here. A credit card is not required for this offer, and if no payment information has been entered at the end of the trial, service will cease. If you have entered your payment info–then at the end of the 30-day free trial–your credit card will automatically be charged $179 for five years of myQ Connected Garage service. This service and its terms, including the free-trial period, are subject to change. Fees and taxes may apply. All sales are final. You may cancel your subscription at any time.”

When will Tesla release their holiday software update? It’s unclear at this point but it will likely drop on or around Christmas again this year.