Tesla Model Y with 4680 Cells is Highly Repairable, Repair Manual Shows

Photo: Tesla

Kevin Chau (@kchau), who makes a hobby of scouring service manuals and related documentation to find interesting information, recently found that the front and rear castings, among other things, of Tesla’s new Model Y design with 4680 cells and a structural battery pack are highly repairable (and can even be replaced).

The new structural battery pack-based Model Y design serves to streamline the manufacturing process and significantly improve overall vehicle safety. While going through a crash repair manual for the 4680 Model Y, though, Chau found that it also improves the repairability and replaceability of core structural components.

Both the front and rear castings are repairable (to varying degrees) if they are damaged. For example, some of the parts can be welded, straightened, or otherwise repaired. There are only a few bits (highlighted in red in the image below) that can’t be repaired.

If repairs aren’t possible, the front and rear castings can both technically be replaced — although doing so is not financially feasible.

Chau also found that the entire single-piece midsection of the Model Y, which connects to both the front and rear castings, is replaceable. It just needs to be detached from the castings, and a new one can be bolted right on.

Chau called the Model Y with the new 4680 structural battery pack “an engineering marvel.” Where most vehicles have hundreds or even thousands of individual pieces making up their foundational structure, he counted four major components and maybe 10 supporting components for the new Model Y.

Tesla also equips the Model Y with crash rails in the rear for reinforcement — there’s no wonder the all-electric crossover earned a 5-star safety rating from Euro NCAP and ANCAP back in September. If the crash rails are damaged in the event of a collision, they can simply be cut off and new ones riveted in.

Tesla is currently only producing Model Y units with structural battery packs and front/rear castings at Gigafactory Texas. However, the electric vehicle (EV) maker announced last month that it plans to bring front castings and structural battery packs to Model Y production at Gigafactory Berlin-Brandenburg “before the end of this year.”

According to a report from earlier this month, Tesla is also gearing up to launch a Standard Range All-Wheel-Drive (AWD) Model Y trim with 4680 batteries in the U.S.