Tesla Has Improved Ride Comfort in Model 3 and Model Y, Says Elon Musk

The ride comfort in Tesla vehicles, particularly the Model 3 and Model Y can be quite stiff for some, compared to more plush suspensions found in something like a Honda CRV or Toyota RAV4. The firmer suspension offers great handling for the heavier electric vehicle.

But now, it appears ride comfort has improved, according to Tesla’s CEO. @Elon Musk said on Monday that the Model 3 and Y suspension currently in production has improved driving comfort without compromising handling, for its RWD and AWD cars, but not the Performance (it has its own suspension upgrades).

“Standard (non-performance) 3 & Y suspension in production now has improved comfort, without affecting handling,” said Musk on Monday.

The statement came in response to one user saying the Model Y is “stiffly sprung” and handles more similar to a car than an SUV.

Others in the thread noted that even their earlier builds have improved upon older Tesla vehicles, with one user saying their 2022 Model Y Performance showed major improvements upon the softness of the 2020 version.

Earlier in the thread, Tesla Owners Silicon Valley asked Musk if Tesla could make track mode available for the Model Y Performance, to which Musk said, “This is harder than it sounds, but ok.”

The Tesla Model Y currently leads luxury auto registrations in the U.S. with a huge lead over previous frontrunners BMW and Mercedes-Benz. The Model Y also became the best-selling vehicle in Germany last week, also landing the best-selling electric SUV spot in China.

Tesla has been ramping up hiring in recent months, despite Musk’s fears of a possible coming recession.