Tesla Ramps Up Hiring for Nearly 7,000 Jobs, Despite Recession Fears

Photo: Tesla

Tesla continues to hire in several departments across the company, despite CEO Elon Musk’s multiple warnings of a coming recession.

This week alone, Tesla listed over 6,900 jobs on its website, representing around a 50 percent increase in listings since mid-June, according to Reuters, which has been tracking the figure since mid-June.

The number of listings dropped to lows under 4,500 listings in early July, before quickly ramping back up to where the jobs are now.

Jobs in Engineering & Information Technology, Vehicle Service and Manufacturing have led the increase in jobs in recent months, with those three categories relating to most of the newly listed positions.

Vehicle Service alone has jumped by more than 40 percent from late June, landing at over 1,600 positions listed this week.

In early June, Musk said he had a “super bad” feeling about the economy, also adding that the automaker planned to lay off around 10 percent of salaried employees before increasing the number of hourly workers at the company.

Around 75 percent of the job listings are for U.S. positions, though listings are also common in Germany–and in Canada where some suspect Tesla’s next Gigafactory location will be located.