Tesla FSD Beta Test Drives [VIDEOS]

Tesla last week started rolling out its 2022.20.18 software update, which delivered Full Self-Driving (FSD) beta version to testers. The FSD update continued to make its way to more beta testers throughout this week.

We’ve already seen some initial impressions of and first drives on FSD beta, but we now also have comprehensive test drives from veteran FSD beta testers James Locke and Dirty Tesla.

Locke took his Tesla Model 3 with FSD beta installed out for a spin on what he calls “Test Loop 1” earlier this week.

YouTube video

The beta tester noted marked improvements in FSD’s creeping behavior at intersections and also noted that his Tesla was more decisive than before and did a better job of accelerating quickly after stopping at an intersection that was clear.

Unfortunately, FSD beta was still unable to solve a right turn with a bike lane going through it which has been one of Locke’s longest-standing problem areas with FSD. This time around, Locke’s Tesla missed its opportunity to move into the right turn lane and got itself stuck at the intersection. It eventually attempted an illegal right turn that Locke prevented it from making.

Like previous builds, FSD beta also sometimes doesn’t register a speed limit sign immediately following a turn. However, FSD is able to detect the same sign just fine if passing it while travelling straight. Locke also said that this iteration continued to not signal for a merge he has been testing for a long time.

Overall, Locke only intervened a couple of times throughout his test drive on FSD beta You can also check out Dirty Tesla’s FSD beta test drive in downtown Ann Arbor, Michigan, below. Theirs includes several instances where FSD has to navigate through construction trucks, squeeze through narrow passages, and deal with pedestrians.

YouTube video

Now that version is out, next up is FSD beta 10.69.3. Back in September, Tesla CEO Elon Musk said FSD beta 10.69.3 would come “shortly after” AI Day, which took place last week. Earlier this week, Musk said on Twitter that FSD beta 10.69.3 “will actually be a major upgrade.”