Tesla Solar Roof Withstands Hurricane Winds, Powerwall Survives Being Underwater for Hours

Photo: Kelly Roofing (via Tesla)

A set of photos shared this week show that Tesla’s Powerwall and Solar Roof are super durable and will continue working after exposure to storms, as noted by one roofing company.

@Tesla retweeted photos of a Tesla Solar Roof and Powerwall that withstood winds and rain from Hurricane Ian on Thursday.

The photos, originally shared by Kelly Roofing, show some of the surrounding damage inflicted on the house by the storm. The company added that the Powerwall was completely underwater for several hours and still works perfectly.

The roof itself also remained on and working, despite winds of up to 155 mph and around 10 feet of water.

Tesla paused solar roof installations in the U.S. in July, with many onlookers wondering if the move is related to raw materials and supply chain issues.

The market has been plagued with supply chain issues, causing Tesla to pause solar installations multiple times this year.

Last year, Tesla debuted new solar roof tiles featuring increased efficiency and more power overall.

Tesla now requires the purchase of the Powerwall with all solar projects and the company is producing more than ever before.

A report from earlier this month showed that Tesla can build 6,500 Powerwalls and 42 Megapacks in a week at Giga Nevada.