Tesla Milestone: 10,000 Model Y Vehicles Built at Giga Texas

Giga texas model y 10000

Tesla announced a milestone on Saturday morning—it has now built 10,000 Model Y vehicles at Gigafactory Texas, to date. The company shared a picture of a Model Y surrounded by employees at the factory.

Giga Texas opened back in April of this year and the first Model Y compact crossover SUVs with 4680 structural battery packs were delivered to employees.

Since then, production has ramped up and hit 1,000 Model Ys built per week last month.

Tesla CEO Elon Musk said on Tesla’s Q2 earnings call in July, that Giga Berlin in Germany had already reached the 1,000 cars made in a week milestone in June.

Back in August, Giga Shanghai made its 1 millionth car, with Tesla now totalling over 3 million cars produced.

Giga Texas continues to ramp up its production of Model Y vehicles. The real challenge will come when Tesla plans to start delivering its first Cybertruck from Giga Texas in mid-2023.

The Model Y is expected to become the best-selling car of any kind (electric or gas!) in 2023.

Check out the latest drone flyover at Giga Texas below:

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