Buying a Tesla Powerwall without Solar ‘Should Be Possible’ by End of 2022: Musk

After Tesla discontinued the sale of its Powerwall without solar panels last year, the company could be slated to reintroduce the option by the end of this year, according to the CEO.

@Elon Musk said in a tweet on Tuesday that customers should be able to order a Powerwall without buying Tesla solar by the end of this year.

The tweet came in response to Sawyer Merritt asking if Tesla could allow the purchase of Powerwalls without ordering a Solar system, also asking if supply was simply too low.

“For now, supply is too low, but ordering a Powerwall by itself should be possible end of year,” said Musk.

Tesla’s decision to stop selling the Powerwall without solar equipment took place amidst skyrocketing demand and wait times last year.

The news to reintroduce the option comes just weeks after California had its first Tesla Virtual Power Plant (VPP) event, in which thousands of homes were paid to help provide power back to the electrical grid using Tesla’s Powerwalls. Another Tesla VPP event took place last week, utilizing a total of 3,600 homes.

Similar programs are being offered or prepared for in the U.S. states of Hawaii and Texas, and overseas in Japan and Australia.