First Drive: FSD Beta 10.69 vs Chuck Cook’s Unprotected Left Turn [VIDEO]

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Tesla released Full Self-Driving (FSD) beta 10.69 last night, and in the release notes, it specifically mentions again tester Chuck Cook in Florida’s unprotected left turn.

Cook received FSD beta 10.69 on his Tesla and started testing it on Sunday morning and shared his 15-minute video to YouTube. According to FSD beta 10.69, it will start to creep out to check out traffic, then proceeds to wait in the median if necessary, before proceeding forward. “It’s making good decisions,” said Chuck of FSD beta 10.69.

Tesla’s FSD beta 10.69 release notes stated, “Improved unprotected left turns with more appropriate speed profile when approaching and exiting median crossover regions, in the presence of high-speed cross traffic (“Chuck Cook style” unprotected left turns).”

“This was done by allowing optimizable initial jerk, to mimic the harsh pedal press by a human, when required to go in front of high-speed objects. Also improved lateral profile approaching such safety regions to allow for a better pose that aligns well for exiting the region. Finally, improved interaction with objects that are entering or waiting inside the median crossover region with better modelling of their future intent,” said Tesla.

Check out Cook’s test of FSD beta 10.69 below—it started off well going three for three in the first few tries, but Cook had to intervene in a subsequent test.

But overall though, FSD beta 10.69 seems to have much better handling of the unprotected left turn, creeping out better and also leveraging the median and overall committing when the coast is clear:

YouTube video

On Sunday morning, Tesla CEO Elon Musk announced FSD beta will be increasing in price to $15,000 in September.