Tesla FSD Beta Tester Proves System Does Not “Mow Down Children” [VIDEOS]

Photo: @TeslaDriver2022

A Tesla Full Self-Driving (FSD) beta tester responded to claims that the system “mows down children” on Tuesday, sharing a test video showing the opposite.

In a video using a cardboard child replica on a residential street, Twitter user @TeslaDriver2022 tested Tesla’s FSD to test claims from California senate candidate Dan O’Dowd.

@O’Dowd initially claimed in a campaign ad on Tuesday that Tesla’s Full Self-Driving  system would “indiscriminately mow down children.” O’Dowd’s attack included footage of a Tesla Model 3 repeatedly mowing down dummies of children on a test track, including a little crosshair that appeared to focus in on one of the dummies.

In response, @TeslaDriver2022’s video showed the Tesla Model 3 slowing down significantly and driving around the cardboard child replica, showing that it didn’t have an issue avoiding it. Later in the thread, @TeslaDriver2022 also shared a streetside angle showing the encounter.

Additionally, @TeslaDriver2022 shared a part two to the video, in which he moved the dummy to be more in line with the driver’s right-side lane. Once again, the Tesla slows down and this time moves to the right to go around the cardboard child.

Tesla’s FSD beta 10.69 release is slated for August 20, according to CEO Elon Musk, and it’s expected to be a huge update.