Rivian Software Update 2022.27.02 Release Notes

Photo: Rivian

As Rivian’s R1S and R1T units were delivered to their first customers over the past several months, the automaker has used over-the-air (OTA) updates like Tesla to improve its electric vehicles (EVs) continually.

Rivian has begun rolling out its software update version 2022.27.02 on Thursday, as detailed on the automaker’s website.

The Rivian software update is divided into categories specific to the R1T and the R1S, each of which has its own web page.

Notable parts of the update include a new ability to automatically or manually adjust ride height and improvements to DV fast-charging performance with up to a 20 percent increase in range.

The update also includes improvements to cabin climate vents and other comfort-focused updates and fixes to a handful of bugs.

Rivian produced just 4,401 EVs in Q2 and the company could be on track to reach 25,000 units produced throughout 2022.

In May, Rivian launched a new online reservation system that let customers preorder vehicles before release.

Rivian was approved for a new plant in Georgia with an investment of $5 billion into the factory.

Several larger companies invested in Rivian and reported losses in Q1, after the automaker lost $1.59 billion in the same quarter.

In June, Tesla CEO Elon Musk said Rivian was “tracking toward bankruptcy” if it doesn’t cut its costs.