“I’m All-In on Tesla CEO Elon Musk” Says Jim Cramer [VIDEO]

Photo: CNBC

Amidst Tesla CEO Elon Musk facing a Twitter trial in October and opposition from both the press and regulatory agencies, one analyst says he’s still “all-in” on Musk.

CNBC‘s ‘Mad Money’ host, Jim Cramer, said he was “all-in” on Musk on a Friday segment of Squawk on the Street, following the automaker’s annual stockholder’s meeting held on Thursday.

At the stockholder’s meeting, Gary Black of Future Fund LLC, which has Tesla as its biggest holding, asked if the automaker had plans for Musk’s succession, to which Musk explained he was not going anywhere.

Cramer said, “I’m all-in on Musk.” Cramer continued, “I think that he should know better than anyone. Look, he is a huge manufacturer, one of the greatest manufacturers. Maybe the greatest manufacturer of our lifetime.”

Tesla’s Gigafactory locations in China, Berlin and Austin, Texas are set to make the company well-poised to enter the coming months, despite a potentially oncoming recession, says Cramer.

Cramer also noted that he thinks Musk is right about the fact that we’ll enter a roughly 18-month recession soon, and Cramer says that Musk may see the economy’s trajectory better than most.

The Tesla Model Y is on track to become the world’s best-selling vehicle, according to a statement from Musk at the Cyber Roundup event.